Steve Y. Monas

Driving profitable change is what I do best. As a senior business executive, my work has centered on building entrepreneurial ventures, turning around faltering companies, and delivering online traffic surges and conversions through Internet strategies.

Reconfiguring business models to suit new business landscapes has been the theme of my career. Currently I lead a transportation company in Hawaii that I launched and grew into a profitable venture. Previously I served as COO of a cosmetic company, restoring it to profitability by overhauling organizational and e-commerce operations. I also held several digital and traditional marketing positions for companies in the healthcare, technology, educational, and power sectors.

I’m also known as an entrepreneurial thought leader, having written Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible, which provides business owners with insights for successful business practices.

Throughout my efforts, I have been recognized for an intuitive mindset for continuous improvement to profoundly impact operational effectiveness. I also have a proven record in working collaboratively to reach challenging goals.

Also noteworthy: I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to San Diego when I was five. I continue to speak Russian fluently.

What distinguishes me from other business leaders is an ability to bring a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset to a corporate environment, resulting in organizations that reach a new level of productivity and growth. I am also an exceptional manager of projects and people, and I bring positive energy and decisive leadership to each challenge.

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